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The philosophy I use to guide people to health involves science proven approaches that return the body to an environment that allows it to thrive. A healthy environment is about everything from food, light, energy, relationships, and movement. Learning how to optimize these things will not only give you health, but the freedom to enjoy life without the fear of poor health.

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Success Stories

Dr. Hussey was professional, super knowledgeable and thorough. He followed up with recommendations and links after the session and was available to answer questions when I had some. The session was excellent and I can't recommend a consultation with him highly enough.

Andy S. Ireland

I came upon Dr. Hussey’s Instagram handle and finally I saw some light! Within moments of reading through his posts I went online and purchased his book, “Understanding the Heart.” His knowledge, insight, and wisdom, along with his own testimony as a heart attack survivor offered me clear explanations, strategies for healing with natural approaches, and tangible solutions. Dr. Hussey’s book was so helpful and substantial, that I scheduled a consult with him to further discuss my heart health and gain more understanding around my continued healing. Highest recommendations for Dr. Hussey as he is a remarkable practitioner with insight that is above all others, and whose work has directly impacted my life!

Kirsten P., Minnesota

I am very grateful that I connected with Dr. Stephen Hussey. He is very thorough and looks at cause versus symptoms. He definitely thinks outside the box and has done his homework and backs it up with science. As a doctor, myself, I was interested in results-based care while hopefully, avoiding drugs, and or surgery. The one-hour consult was exactly what I needed to give me a jump start and get back on track with my health. Unlike other experts out there, he charges for his time and challenges you to go accomplish what he sets out for you instead of signing you up for contracts, and endless supply of supplements. Thank you, Dr. Hussey, five-star service all the way around. PS. His book is a must.

Wade P., Texas

Dr. Hussey was able to guide me through multiple strategies to optimize my recovery from a severe infection that affected my heart. He was the only health provider to mention investigating my cavitation, which proved to be a significant source of inflammation and has already allowed me to feel much better after treating it! The lifestyle optimization has allowed me to get off all the medications and put me much closer to feeling 100%.

Pedro M. - São Paulo, Brazil

I reached out to Stephen in September of 2019 after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure at age 32. I knew I didn't want to follow the conventional medical advice of my cardiology team (pharmaceuticals as primary treatment) and was looking for guidance from someone with a true understanding of how the heart works. Stephen is passionate about heart health and offers a wealth of knowledge, all backed by scientific and medical research. He's kind, friendly, and empathetic. His own medical struggles, and his passion to understand them, have helped shape him into an amazing coach and ally for anyone who needs support on their health journey. I continue to this day to implement the foundational practices he recommends and my health improvements have stayed on the rise.

Al S.

Your New Path to Vitality

Book update:
My new book is now available.

*2022 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist for Health

“The most mind-blowing information on heart disease. . . . I consider this to be one of the best books I’ve ever read on cardiovascular health.”―Ben Greenfield, New York Times bestselling author

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