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Personalized Virtual Health Consulting

Dr. Hussey has been helping people take back control of their health through online consulting for many years now. He can help with the understanding and management of many complex chronic conditions and help you make sense of the often times confusing world of health recommendations we are bombarded with today. Dr Hussey has spent many years searching for the truth behind what environmental stimuli make humans sick and what we can do to change that environment to create health. The answer to your health lies within you, sometimes we just need a little guidance to know how to unlock the bodies’ potential to express health and to navigate the many stimuli of our modern world that interfere with health. The information gained from a consult with Dr. Hussey will help empower you to know exactly what you can do to take back your health.


“I mentioned to Dr. Hussey in September 2016 that I had tried everything I could to lose weight but I just couldn’t do it. I was a vegetarian and even though I ate lots of vegetables my body still would not lose weight. Dr. Hussey said he could help me , I was excited.  He emailed me a bunch of documents that I looked over and everything he told me made a lot of sense. I decided to give what he was telling me a chance and within a couple of months I had lost 30 pounds. My husband who is a diabetic was so impressed he decided to give Dr. Hussey’s ideas a try as well. He no longer is taking his insulin shot and his MetForman is at half level. This is only after a few short months of following Dr. Hussey’s recommendations. We both feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and eat less. I would recommend following Dr. Hussey’s recommendations to everyone, it will make you feel like a new person. I used to have high blood pressure, that is long gone as well as aches and pains, I feel 20 years younger and I weigh less. All this by only changing what we ate. Thank You Dr. Hussey, you have changed our lives forever!”

Beth E.

Hilton Head SC

“After my second heart scan indicated that my CAC score had increased since the first, I realized that I needed some help.  It was at this time that I contacted health coach, Dr. Stephen Hussey.  Dr. Hussey helped to evaluate the results of my CAC tests and blood results along with a complete inventory of my diet, lifestyle, habits, and environment.  Through his coaching process he has helped me to make many changes to the things that may be contributing to the causes of an increasing CAC score.  I’m grateful for Dr. Hussey’s knowledge and insight into the true workings of the human body and the things that can have a damaging effect on it.  He’s very personable, easy to talk to, and good to work with.”

Chuck B.

Alpharetta, GA

“Over the past few years my husband and I have had a number of heart screenings and blood work done. Some of the results seemed inconsistent and were worrisome to us. We did not know how to interpret all of the information to determine what was significant and what we should potentially be concerned about.  We heard Dr. Hussey on a podcast and were extremely impressed with his knowledge, his ability to explain concepts clearly, and his genuine care and concern for the health of others. We contacted Dr. Hussey and worked with him as a private coach. He helped us greatly in reviewing our health data, determining what was important to focus on, and gave us suggestions on what we could do in our everyday lives to make further improvements to our health. We very much enjoyed our coaching sessions with Dr. Hussey; we learned a lot from him, and it definitely has been one of the best things we’ve done on our personal health journey.”

Howard and Lori H.

Springfield, Illinois